Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania

Single portal with multiple complex forms created to centralize 30 different agriculture related e-services

ministry of agriculture Lithuania

Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania

 The Ministry of Agriculture of Lithuania provides:
• support for the administration of common agriculture policy and applications for EU support
• National Payment Agency
• State Food and Veterinary Service
• “Ekoagros” services
• Agricultural Information and Rural Business Centre


The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Lithuania needed a single IS platform for its multiple subsidiary organizations, so it launched a first-stage ZUMIS project.

This project included creating a platform and enabling about 30 e-services from several subsidiaries with a central portal for its agriculture-related customers. Their existing, multiple, independent back-end systems produced large amounts of data, collected from over 30 different third-party systems, and forced users to switch from one solution to another to access multiple services.

They needed to simplify data entry, eliminate duplication, and provide a single point of contact for users.


Institutions need to be able to develop their own e-services from scratch even with little programming background


The choice of Bonita

To speed up the business process, and to eliminate data duplication and mishandling, Bonitasoft’s integration partner INNTEC - after careful analysis and discussions with various vendors - chose Bonita over jBPM, Activiti, Intalio, and Oracle BPM.

The INNTEC team created easy-to-use forms with complex backend handling, including particular starting conditions, form fields filled with data pulled from integrations, form fields that appear, disappear, or change based on initial information and information received via integrations, and complicated validation of data entered. There is even a form that includes geographic information system functionality, running on an ESRI ArcGIS server, for online entry of geographic data, data compiling, and data management.




The ZUMIS solution ensures automated business processes and online forms. In addition to Bonitasoft technology, INNTEC used Java, Apache Wicket, Apache CXF, Google Guice, Apache Maven, Oracle DB, Oracle Glassfish AS, Talend ESB, and SpagoBI.

With Bonita, ZUMIS now provides a single access point to around 30 e-services, so users can access multiple institution services with a single account and be assured that data is up-to-date and correct. ZUMIS is built to support 10 000 active user sessions and serve in total more than 650 000 e-services per year.



Bonita simplifies and automates high demand processes.

"Bonita is a useful tool for creating business processes and online forms for human tasks."
Mārtiņš Liberts, Director, Inntec



Inntec - consulting partner

Inntec is one of the most innovative Lithuania based IT companies that provides high quality IT services for public and private sectors. they aim at being business partner who delivers highly usable and value adding technology solutions in an effective way to our long lasting customers.

“We used Bonita BPM at the center of our ZUMIS solution to create a platform that can be further extended by system administrators. During the project we had to create many new Bonita BPM components to ensure we could handle all the various needs of our customer. This  project was hard, but we finished it successfully!” 

 Mārtiņš Liberts - Director, Inntec

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"We needed to develop a single platform for customers of multiple agricultural institutions to access eservices. The platform we built
with Bonita handles more 650,000 e-service requests per year"

Mārtiņš Liberts
Director, Inntec