National Coast Guards

Facilitating handoff of a system managed with multiple information systems and individual expertise


Maritime agency

Coast Guards

The coast guard of a sovereign nation is now embarking on a multi-year project to outsource the deployment of a large number of coastal buoys to
private contractors.

The agency hired Heerbod Corp. to develop its business process architecture.


The agency needed to:

  • Document the complete detailed knowledge of buoy operations.
  • Create a process to manage the deployment of the coastal buoy system, maps of the underwater terrain, and procedures that cover virtually every facet of the operations, including processes for commissioning, quality assurance, request for materiel, payments, scheduling, decommissioning, and the return of materiel to the agency.
  • Provide access to buoy information, such as scheduling, condition of each buoy, deployment time, and functioning state.
  • Create a business process management flow that documented the detailed processes, connects the existing information systems, and guides the new contractor through every phase of these operations.
  • Connect and integrate the MAXIMO asset management system, the SIPA buoy information system, and the Marinfo mariners’ information system.


Employees responsible for overseeing the contractor’s operations are better able to see which state of the commissioning process any particular buoy is in.

This higher level of visibility will allow them to better report on status and to identify potential problems, consequently allowing them to easily alter operations when needed.

Integrating Bonita with their databases allows for better inventory management.

Cost savings are anticipated as the agency can make better informed decisions on whether to approve or adjust a request for materiel.

It will help with forecasting projections and to anticipate what will be needed for the next season

Bonita supports many kinds of public sector processes 

"Everybody has always talked to each other, knew each other, knew
what to do. Now they need specific, clear processes to hand over
to the contractor."  Heerbod Etemadi - CEO, Heerbod Corporation


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"Bonita’s connectors ensure that the customer doesn’t have to do any extra modifications to their existing information systems as they document ‘people-based’ processes into objective workflows. It saves
money, it saves time and it preserves the capability of people to work with existing systems."

Heerbod Etemadi - CEO, Heerbod Corporation