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Improving member services through process transformation with Bonita

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CIPAV is the main pension fund for independent professionals, distinguished by its interprofessional character as well as by its dynamic membership growth.

Founded in 1978 and originally dedicated to architects and the construction trades, CIPAV has today integrated many other independently employed professionals. Its mission is to manage basic pension benefits, complementary retirement, disability, and death benefits for its 550,000 members. It administers numerous business processes daily: calculations, assessments, benefits payments and rights liquidation, payment collection, litigation, and more.


CIPAV's mission

  • New affiliate registration
    CIPAV adds new independent professional activity whenever one is identified
  • Collection of contributions
    CIPAV calculates the amount of contributions due by its members according to their income, and solicits payments twice a year 

  • Retirement account status
    These payments allows the participants to acrue pension credit, and CIPAV can provide information its members on their status to at any time

  • Pension liquidation
    CIPAV liquidates pensions when a member retires

  • Pension payments 
    Cipav pays out monthly basic and supplementary pensions

  • Death and disability benefits payments
    When an accident or death occurs, CIPAV pays the benefit according to the class of contributions chosen by the member

CIPAV's digital transformation project

CIPAV administers many business processes for calculating and billing for payments, calculating and liquidating accounts, payment of benefits, recovery and litigation and other actions.

"Two years ago, when we decided to transform an aging information system, we chose to apply market standards, especially SaaS and open source. We also wanted to opt for an evolutionary solution, one that did not require significant custom development.

At the same time, as needs for versatility - especially for task management - were emerging, we identified BPM as a cross-functional foundation that could we could use to quickly redesign and deploy our many business processes."

Jean-Christophe Rainaut, CIPAV CIO



Better response times, fewer errors, better streamlining of tasks and better measurement of processing times.

The first project is intended to modernize GEIDE (management of catastrophic events) and implement a solution to create an archive conected to BPM and publication.

This solution organizes the activity in a digital, multichannel, and "seamless" process. CIPAV has thus avoided a long and expensive, 'big bang', and opted for a 'quick win' project.

They are now able, after two to three months of deployment, to provide a fast response to member requests, to better measure processing times, have a history of activities, to set up a substitute during absences and better distribute tasks on the basis of pre-established business rules.

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Jean-Christophe Rainaut, CIO at CIPAV, explains the transformation project with Bonita (in French)


CIPAV relies on the Bonita platform


"The benefits are of different kinds. First, we now have the ability to respond quickly, which was not the case before. We took an an intuitive, agile approach. For the employees, the benefits are noticeable on response times, better measurement of processing time, no lost tasks, the ability to delegate during absence, and a better distribution of work."

Jean-Christophe Rainaut, CIPAV CIO

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Rs2i - Integration partner

RS2i has many years of expertise in the integration of software solutions, process optimization, with activities ranging from design to development through coaching and consulting.

"With a number of legacy applications to consider, integrating Bonita with the existing IS was not easy. Moreover, the transverse solution required real coordination work between the different project teams. The speed of its deployment made it possible to convince the different IT teams, then to gain the support of the users."

Joseph Khouri, Managing Director of RS2i

"This is a first step. Our goal is to create better interaction with our members and improve the quality of service we provide them, so a contact form will be put in place and new business processes will follow. For example, we are already working on automating the calculation and settlement of pension entitlements, which had been partly manual. And as soon as a process issue regarding career reliability is addressed, it will go through Bonita."

Jean-Christophe Rainaut, CIO at CIPAV