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260 000 beneficiaries

"By choosing the Bonita platform, we have also chosen a continuous improvement process through BPM."

Matthieu Maoudj, Designer Developer, CAFAT Information Systems Department

Project Objective

Improve service efficiency

In 2011, CAFAT launched the first step to transform its IS, and decided to develop its applications in Java to limit the paper-heavy exchanges with its 260,000 beneficiaries, 24,000 independent workers and 13,000 employers and improve process performance.

The objective: to improve the efficiency of its services through the creation of online forms.

Then, in 2014, its Information Systems Department opted for an extension of this approach, with the implementation of GEIDE (Electronic Management of Information and Company Documents) solutions and automation. The group then turned to BPM-type solutions and opted for Bonita, given its "low code" technology.

The choice for the Bonita platform

"By choosing the Bonitasoft platform, we were able to keep our business data in our own databases (Posgres and DB2) and continue to rely on Java for the development of new services, as well as on the Angular graphic layer for interface development. These choices allow us to continue modernizing our IS with a certain autonomy and flexibility, while taking into account the constraints linked to our many legacy systems."

Matthieu Maoudj, Designer Developer, CAFAT Information Systems Department

At the same time, the group has chosen to upgrade to Bonita 7.7 . With its decentralized GIT version control system, this upgrade enabled CAFAT to  collaborate better, with better flexibility and efficiency - for example, by developing changes that allow teams to delegate tasks so they can focus on verification and regulatory compliance actions.

At the same time,  to benefit from the full potential of the platform's extensibility, CAFAT's IT teams opted for a REST-compatible software architecture and connectors. REST connectors allow real interoperability when creating new web services.



The projects


Following the selection of Bonita, several digitization projects have emerged, such as the pre-employment declaration and the civil status file for member registration.

One project concerns the call for a deposit and the reminder for re-inscription and was launched in the summer of 2018. It supports sending 500 to 12,000 monthly e-mails to the 25,000 members of CAFAT.

Another project focuses on the automation of credit transfer processing (which required a relatively complex manual reconciliation and breakdown process). It allows agents to intervene only in the event of possible anomalies.

At the same time, CAFAT capitalizes on the time saved, to set up penalty procedures and ultimately gain declarative compliance.


“Whereas previously 7 people worked half a day every day on verification and compliance with reporting standards, today only 2 people work 2 hours a day. In addition, as 40% of cases are now validated automatically, our teams were able to make up for the months of accumulated delays in the processing of transfers."

Matthieu Maoudj, Designer Developer, CAFAT Information Systems Department

Recently, in order to respond to the new measures taken by the authorities to authorize certain companies to deferral contributions in the context of the Covid-19 health crisis, Bonita allowed the CAFAT IT team to launch a new process (with the creation of an associated form) to automate the procedure concerned. 1,000 deferral requests have thus been registered to date.

Finally, the latest process implemented with Bonita is for automated card payments for self-employed adherents. This procedure should also be extended to employers soon, with the aim of changing member behavior to use electronic declarations and electronic payments.



What's next

“As Bonita asserts itself more than ever as the solution for digitizing all of our processes, a migration to Bonita version 7.11 is being rolled out. Ultimately, our goal is to build a one-stop shop that will allow all our contributors to benefit from automatic and online processing of all services."

Matthieu Maoudj, Designer Developer, CAFAT Information Systems Department

Benefits: CIO view

  • A project led by IT, with great freedom of action linked to the technological choices made
  • A platform that constitutes solid foundation for the evolution of all services offered by CAFAT to its members

Benefits: end-user view

  • Better team productivity and performance
  • Optimized treatment for customers, for better satisfaction 


For more than 60 years, CAFAT (the Compensation Fund for Family Benefits, Work Accidents and Provident Benefits) has administered the general social security and retirement scheme for workers in New Caledonia via insurance for accidents at work and occupational illness, old age and insurance for loss of a spouse, unemployment insurance, family benefits, health and maternity insurance, and retirement. Concretely, the Fund collects social contributions and manages the various insurance frameworks, provides unified control of the medical services and medical aidsprovided by CAFAT, and manages the social action of employee schemes. For more information:

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