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PROCERGS is a Brazilian data processing company in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, which was begun in 1972 as the executing agency for the state's IT policy. It is the largest computer company in Rio Grande do Sul, with more than 1,000 employees, more than 800 of whom are part of the technical team.

The company processes millions of vital transactions daily for public and community services. They develop and support 640 systems (58 of which are Alfresco and 30 are Bonita), in about 20 public domains of the state such as Security, Education, Health, Sanitation, Management, and Social Security, among others.

Before the Bonita implementation

PROCERGS used the Documentum platform (processes and repository), which covered BPM and ECM needs. However, the expensive maintenance needed to guarantee the update of new versions and the technical support that this platform required limited its ongoing use. This led the company to acquire the Bonita Enterprise license from Bonitasoft, a solution that can handle the criticality of the more than 600 systems it manages.


The initial implementation needed to be done in a short time. As the technology team was not already familiar with the Bonita platform, the project began with face-to-face training that was done in Porto Alegre by Konsultex, an official Bonitasoft partner, and Bonitasoft consultants. This training was done with the Bonita implementation team and the server, network and database support group.

In PROCERGS there is an example system in Java and .NET that provides a model framework for the different solution development teams. Two example modules were added to this framework for the Alfresco repository and Bonita processes. ECM and BPM functionalities were implemented simply and quickly, using the same ‘look & feel’ as the other corporate solutions.

Bonita implementation

Bonita solutions such as granting awards, granting of permits, following requests, and so on use Bonita to manage all activities (manual or automatic), from the entrance to a page of a website, to digitize or prepare a document, request an opinion, a digital signature, through to the sending of status or final e-mail. Also, PROCERGS uses Bonita to integrate systems, for example, for vacations: from the first request to approval, verifying if they can be requested, passing the information to the payment system and recording them on the calendar.

Integration of Bonita

  • Alfresco Content Services is strongly integrated with Bonita; Alfresco to process content, and Bonita when the solution requires a work process, and that its control and management are important. This integration is sized to serve 50,000 users. Currently there are approximately 25,000.
  • Bonita was integrated with SOE (Extended Organizational System), the authentication base used since 2013, guaranteeing access security.
  • The PROA (Administrative Processes) solution, essential for all services with state processes, is integrated from services with solutions that use Bonita, facilitating the creation and monitoring of administrative processes.


The use of the Bonita platform brought benefits, both for the end user and for the developers of workflow systems, who use Bonita as part of their solution through PROCERGS (web services) services connected through Bonita APIs.

Main benefits for the developer:

  • Collect process information to feed legacy systems
  • Search information of legacy systems to make them available to process participants
  • Identify interface improvements that reduce the effort of user interaction with the process (such as search for existing values, calculations, etc.)
  • Validations are made to guarantee the integrity of the process
  • Process versioning

Main benefits for the end user:

  • Formalization of the process in the organization
  • Execution of the process as standard
  • Ease of maintenance through process versioning
  • List of unique work for users
  • Process management through indicators and metrics reports

Konsultex - Integration Partner

"As a Bonitasoft partner, Konsultex is proud to have led the Bonita implementation project for the BPM needs of PROCERGS, supporting various solutions for the State of Rio Grande do Sul. Teamwork with the client and the support of Bonitasoft during the project have been very useful to overcome the challenges that arose and ensure the success of the implementation."

Miguel Koren O'Brien, Director at Konsultex

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“We have been working with Bonita since 2013 and, both in the areas of service support and in system development, we have invested heavily in having a robust infrastructure. Customers have excellent technical support and our tendency is to continue and use their new features and resources more and more.”

Luciano Monteiro da Silva, PROCERGS Development Technology Sector Manager