Panama National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG)

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The National Authority for Government Innovation is responsible to plan, coordinate, issue guidelines, supervise, collaborate, support and promote the optimal use of information and communication technologies in the government sector for the modernization of public management, as well as recommend the adoption of national policies, plans and strategic actions.

It promotes the use of information and communication technologies, through the implementation of public policies, norms, strategies, programs and projects of governmental innovation that encourage and regulate technological applications to contribute to the modernization, automation and optimization of processes at the State level.

Its objective is to turn the government into a world-class competitive institution, transforming information and communication technologies so that they are accessible to the population, improve efficiency and simplify processes.

About the Bonita Implementation

"In Panama, for the last eight years, we've had a strategy to put government procedures online. We have a platform, and two years ago, we identified an opportunity to replace that platform, thanks to advances in workflow tools technology - BPM, workflows, etc."
Luis Fasano, Deputy Administrator, National Authority for Government Innovation, Panama


They were looking for 3 main benefits:

  • greater flexibility in setting up procedures
  • have a tool that enabled them to control the processes better and modify or make changes to them more easily
  • be able to provide the BPM service to the whole country . "We're a small country, so it's relatively easy to provide that service."


"The project we have now, the new "Panama Online," using Bonita, is a formal and impactful commitment to the country to take the government to the people in a simpler way. We're convinced that, in this project which is starting now, the change we're going to achieve will have a big impact.

We're already seeing in the current phase, which is basically designing and preparing everything we're going to put online, we're seeing the flexibility of the tool in action and we're seeing the agility with which we can create those procedures within the application. It will still be several months until we can confirm this, but we're convinced that we've made the right choice of product, supplier, and brand."

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Luis Fasano, Deputy Administrator, National Authority for Government Innovation, Panama, talks about the e-governement project with Bonita

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"Working with a Bonitasoft partner means that whenever we start a project in the Authority, with whatever product, for us, the partnership that exists between a supplier and the brand is and important consideration because it minimizes the risks in terms of how committed the supplier is to the product and the brand's relationship with the supplier. So for us it's very important, whenever we have a project, firstly to ensure that that relationship exists in a formal sense, because we don't undertake projects with the aim of achieving a specific product, rather they are ongoing projects. When a relationship is formalised, the likelihood that it will stand the test of time is much greater."

Luis Fasano, Deputy Administrator, National Authority for Government Innovation, Panama