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Energy and utility companies are embracing digital transformation to respond to dynamic, uncertain, fast changing energy and business landscapes.

“Our business is moving fast. We are now not in an evolution but a revolution. The way people work with energy is changing rapidly. Our applications need to be adapted rapidly too.”

Erik Wolfs, Coreso (COoRdination of Electricity System Operators)

Bonita platform for the energy sector

Energy and utility companies have a growing need to embrace digital transformation to respond to a dynamic, uncertain, fast changing business landscape in energy production, distribution, and consumption.

Optimize efficiency with innovation in the face of changing energy demand patterns. Manage energy assets better.

Meet the increasing expectations of a demanding customer base with better service and better communication.

Verify governance, and remain compliant with continuing changes in the legal and regulatory frameworks as you can react quickly. Monitor and react to issues before they become critical.

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“We’ve tested about 1,000 simultaneous workflows, where each one is an individually created workflow instance and we have some very significant performance needs for each step, and it’s done very well.”

Per Gyllstrom,Chief Architect, EnerNOC


EnerNOC’s digital transformation & energy intelligence

Automated curtailing process with manual overrides changes human involvement from actively executing the process to monitoring and addressing occasional exceptions, reducing human error and improving productivity.

Increased scalability of EnerNOC’s demand response infrastructure, allowing the company to scale better, keeping it at the top of the demand response market.

Smooth and correctly implemented curtailment has helped to ensure strong customer relationships.

More than $1 billion in customer savings to date.


Success stories in the energy sector

Fast delivery of critical, accurate, high-quality reports

Facilitate document movement and support change traceability

Digital transformation for efficient curtailing

What Bonita can do for the energy sector

Data management

  • Energy production & grid operations
  • Energy usage & curtailment
  • Forecasting
  • Energy balancing
  • Weather
  • Integration of renewable sources
  • Market data
  • Oil & gas pricing

Audit and compliance

  • Regulatory and QHSE compliance management
  • OSHA and safety standard compliance management
  • Internal audit



Superior customer experience

  • Notification of energy consumption & savings
  • Alerts for new rates, failure notification, new services & products
  • Curtailment operations
  • 360 deg customer support via multiple inputs including customer portal

End-to-end corporate processes

  • Procurement, purchasing & supplier management
  • AFE process
  • Contract and bif management
  • Production and reserve management
  • Support field operations on mobile devices