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Financial firms, vendors push self-service software delivery

24 Jul 2018 - Mickey Farrance

Self-service DevOps automation appeals to enterprises that must push out new code as they adapt to changing requirements

The heavily regulated financial industry requires more help with software delivery than any other. In particular, self-service software delivery appeals to firms that frequently revise codebases to accommodate policy changes and other forces.

This article by Darryl Taft at TheServerSide discusses the trend of using platforms (such as Bonita) to facilitate end-to-end development and operations (DevOps) and continuous delivery of  improvement and innovation.

Developers and DevOps teams consistently create projects and avoid IT help desk tickets -- or tickets with other departments in the organization -- to test or add new features.

Software integrates release management into the development process and focuses on delivery. It puts all the potential features into the release and allows developers to flip a switch on features and functions for different end users. This lets a common code set deliver different functions and test different code simultaneously, rather than multiple different releases and code branches.

Other examples include Bonitasoft, which comes out of the business process management and workflow engine world.

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