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August 26, 2021
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Bonitasoft Announces Key Channel Partnership with CoreShop Solutions to Bring Open Source Solutions to eCommerce Providers

November 22, 2019

Bonitasoft announced today it has extended its partnership with NSI Solutiones to include CoreShop Solutions

CoreShop Solutions is an Atlanta based worldwide provider of eCommerce solutions, to expand its reach into North America. Specialized in bringing open source to the market, CoreShop Solutions is offering enterprises agile open-source solutions to replace rigid legacy systems and their heavy support costs.

Bonitasoft’s partnership with CoreShop as a provider of key business services will give enterprises an opportunity for fast ROI by switching over to creative open source solutions, with open extensibility and customization, to replace proprietary solutions that currently require significant technical power to maintain.

NSI Solutiones, which offers Bonita integration services to CoreShop’s clients, points to their recent success at Copa Airlines, which improved its customer experience through automation on the Bonita platform.

CoreShop Solutions offers the leading eCommerce solution based on the Pimcore open source platform, an Austrian product. “We have a lot of experience with excellent European open-source products bringing their value to the American market,” said Jim Kolassa, Business Development at CoreShop Solutions. “Bonitasoft’s Bonita platform provides a workflow capability that is an ideal match with the data handling we provide along the entire product cycle for eCommerce.”

Like Bonita, PIMCore is widely used by large users that can have complex processes. The value of this partnership brings Bonita’s process automation capability, an ideal complement to Pimcore’s data handling along the entire product cycle for eCommerce.

“As business experiences explosive growth in the eCommerce sector, open-source solutions like Bonita are giving even companies with legacy and proprietary systems the tools to switch over to innovative and creative solutions,” said Miguel Valdes Faura, Bonitasoft CEO and co-founder.

“The ROI is clear when our customers can replace their heavy cost of supporting legacy solutions,” adds Kolassa.

About CoreShop
CoreShop Solutions LLC is an innovative PIM/DAM/MDM e-Commerce solution provider. It provides implementation, architecting and consulting for Pimcore and CoreShop eCommerce sites. Its activities are mainly in the United States, but also serve the Americas and some European clients. CoreShop Solutions is the only authorized CoreShop implementation partner in North America. Global strategic partnerships complete our offerings with Bonitasoft, Rackspace, Active Publishing, Vue Storefront, Matomo (Piwik), and selected others. 

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