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Low code? Four myths & one truth!...?

27 Mar 2018 - Mickey Farrance

This e-book discusses 4 myths and one truth. Check out the e-book from Bonitasoft. 

When we started diving into what is widely understood about low code platforms, we thought we'd uncovered 5 big myths.

Turns out, maybe there are 4 myths, and one truth! (Almost truth? Semi-truth?)

M Y T H 1:  Low-code is for “citizen developers."  We bust that one.

M Y T H 2:  Low-code is only for simple applications.  We bust that one.

M Y T H 3:  Low-code means no collaboration or reusability.  We bust that one.

M Y T H 4:  Low-code means no programming.  We bust that one.

M Y T H 5:  Low-code platforms are proprietary. Umm...

Open source != proprietary, but open source != free either. What do you think about this one?


Download and enjoy this new e-book from Bonitasoft! 

Tags: Tech trends