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August 26, 2021
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TechChat #2: REST API Extensions, when and how to use them?

Professional Services Options

Bonita experts are available for your automation project success.

   Move to Bonita Cloud

Migrate your Bonita Platform from on-premise to Bonita Cloud

Ready to change from running your Bonita Platform on-premise to running Bonita in the cloud? This package provides your team with the expertise needed to move to Bonita Cloud - and all for a fixed price. Bonita experts will assess the compatibility of your current Bonita Platform with Bonita Cloud, and will handle all actions needed for the migration.

More about Bonita Cloud

Your Bonita move to Bonita Cloud includes

  • Project kick-off - define the overall migration plan and test plan, check dependencies with other parties or systems, and define responsibilities

  • Development plan - recommendations to secure project timing

  • Installation and configuration - for non-production and production environments on Bonita Cloud

  • Data migration (if requested)

  • Test plan assistance - with the test plan executed by you

  • Assistance during the hours following the final production migration

Bonita Platform Audit
Professional Services options

Bonita Platform Update

Migrate to the latest Bonita version
Running a version of Bonita that requires an update to a more recent release so you can benefit from the latest Bonita functionalities? This package includes all the expertise needed to update your Bonita Platform, based on an agreed-upon scope with your Bonita experts, for a fixed price.

Your Bonita Platform Update includes the following milestones and deliverables:

  • Project kick-off - to define the migration overall plan, test plan, check dependencies to other parties or systems and define responsibilities

  • Development plan - with recommendations to secure project timing

  • Installation and configuration - for targeted non-production and production environments

  • Data backup

  • Data migration (if applicable)

  • Assistance during the hours following the final production migration

Bonita Platform Audit

Request an audit of your Bonita Platform
Have you followed Bonita best practices? Is your Bonita platform optimally configured? Are you experiencing performance bottlenecks? Bonita expertise to perform different types of audits on your Bonita project is available.

  • Confirm best practices have been followed (platform configuration, security settings, logs, database, etc).

  • Check for optimal performance (platform sizing & tuning, IS integration & dependencies, processes). Some improvements might be proposed.

  • Development code review. If appropriate you’ll get suggestions for corrections (processes, BDM, UI, etc).

Bonita Platform Audit
Professional Services options

Fast Track Bonita Project Delivery

Go to production as fast as possible
Do you need to take your Bonita project to production quickly? This option includes all the Bonitasoft expertise needed to shorten the time you need to go to production.

Our Bonita experts use an iterative approach. Your team participates in feedback sessions and live demos along the way to ensure necessary alignment among participants. This agile approach will ensure that expectations are met, with ongoing alignment by all parties.

Two ways to Fast Track

  • Guidance, shadowing and expertise sharing

During the first 2 months of your Bonita Enterprise Subscription, an experienced team of Bonita experts & its Certified Partners will provide guidance on how to structure and plan the project delivery. During the implementation phase, Bonita experts will shadow the project implementation team and transfer Bonita related knowledge to your team. They will help define key milestones and success criteria to make sure the subsequent next phases are implemented according to expectations.

  • Turnkey solution

Bonita experts and Bonitasoft Certified Partners commit to delivering a fixed scope Bonita project. This scope will be determined with you, so that expectations are clear for all sides and to ensure that the project can be delivered on time for the agreed-to price. Agile methodology will be applied so necessary adjustments can be taken into account along the way.

Fast Track Bonita project delivery

Professional Services are available a la carte

You can also request further hands-on technical assistance (custom development, platform/code/performance audit, or other) through separate professional services options.

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