• BPM for Public Sector

    Government agencies are looking to business process management for automation and better integration across departments to improve public access to and satisfaction with public services.

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  • Public sector
  • Until now, it was impossible to have a real-time view of our dynamic membership. We have chosen to deploy a scalable Bonita solution to better manage the membership process, both online and mobile.

    Patrice Salsa, Head of Information Systems, CFDT
  • Bonita applications support government at every level

    • Provide better public service by offering more services online.
    • Simplify day-to-day work for agency staff through process optimization.
    • Quickly and simply upgrade processes to meet new legislative guidelines.
    • Control and audit critical processes.
  • Bonita applications support government at every level

  • "Bonita provides a complete API with documentation and ability to add custom connectors, so we are able to build our own custom tools, dashboards and connectors. It is now nicely integrated in our information systems."

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  • Inntec, Lithuanie
  • Ministry of Agriculture offers a better user experience with e-government services

    • Single platform for customers of multiple agricultural institutions to access about 30 e-services.
    • A single portal is available for submitting e-service requests, receiving notifications, and communicating with agencies.
    • The platform allows sending data to back-end solutions, and uses data for simple administration within the platform.
  • "We used Bonita BPM at the center of our ZUMIS solution to create a platform that can be further extended by system administrators. During the project we had to create many new Bonita BPM components to ensure we could handle all the various needs of our customer. This  project was hard, but we finished it successfully!”


    Inntec, Lithuania

Digital transformation success stories in government and the public sector

  • Digital transformation with Bonita at work for citizens everywhere

  • Information and events

    • Communications to / from the public
    • Manage events
    • Provide one-stop public services

    Handle requests

    • Requests for appointments
    • Requests for permits
    • Requests for official notices, records, certificates
    • Requests for social services
    • Requests for administrative information

    Public finance

    • Business and personal taxes
    • Payments for public services
    • Subsidy requests & authorizations
    • Funding requests and approvals



    End-to-end internal processes

    • Manage employee status
    • Investment and financial decisions
    • Budget approval cycle
    • Request for proposal (RFP) and public tenders
    • Paperless processes
    • Automate business processes

    Superior public experience

    • E-citizen portal
    • Provide real-time status, appropriate communications, and alerts
    • Offer web-based self care options
    • Manage processes to ensure that no one will be lost in an administrative labyrinth
    • Monitor quality goals