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August 26, 2021
5:30 pm EDT (New York) - 8:30am PDT (San Francisco)
TechChat #2: REST API Extensions, when and how to use them?

Stratumn - Bonitasoft technology partner for Blockchain

Interview of Sebastien Couture - Stratumn Cofounder and technical evangelist

Stratumn is a company developing technology that help companies to better collaborate. They have built a protocol called "proof of process" that leverages blockchain technology, cryptography and peer to peer networks and assembles them to help collaboration in a consortium network. There are many complementary aspects between Bonita and Stratumn technology; Stratumn works at the network level, while Bonita brings process management.

Stratumn builds network technology under IT systems (front end and back end systems). Bonita's BPM is used to build a process and manage how different entities interact with that process, offers a powerful user interface tool. Stratumn brings the underlying security, tracability and authenticity of the data layer that enables trust when different companies want to collaborate.

Stratumn technology is dedicated to consortium blockchains (private blockhains).

What value are companies looking for when using "proof of process"?

Companies are looking to add tracability and data authenticity to their processes. An example in the isurance space is where 14 insurance companies have to collaborate due to a new French law called the "Loi Hamon." The platform allows them to exchange data in real time, with tracability, knowing who did what at what time in what order.