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March 02, 2021
12:00 pm EST (New York)
Process Automation LIVE - Episode 1: Financial Services

University of Queensland - Student experience improvement with Bonita

Improving Student Experience and Services with Business Process Digitisation


Intelligent Pathways, a Bonitasoft partner in Australia, and University of Queensland explain the project involving Bonita. The program was to create efficiencies in the professional services delivery space. The ERP stack was 15 to 20 years old and when they looked how they would digitise and transform as required it seemed really difficult with the technology they had at the time. Initially they planned to digitise a very large and complex activity but the business was not ready to embark on that activity so they focused on processes that would then be building blocks of this larger capability.

They then looked for a Business Partner that was ready to take the work and the deep thinking that came with the transformation that was required. They also need a partner who knew other industries than just higher education. Intelligent pathways was selected.

They needed to go beyond forms and look at business process from the very beginning. The decision was made that Bonita was a good platform to meet these needs. It is very important for them to see students as customers and they have huge expectations in terms of level of services that's why we want all to happen in one single platform called my "UQ platform". They wanted the processes to feel native to the platform and not be aside from it. They always want to reduce complexity as much as possible.

Now they have started rolling out the processes they really notice the improvement for the business. From a management level they have visibility on what's going on, they have seen significant improvement in processing time with no bottlenecks when people are away. Everyone knows exactly where their particular process is up to. It reduces the number of calls that the HR and Finance staff are receiving.