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In today’s competitive environment, higher education institutions are challenged to offer the best education and research environment possible while optimizing costs.

“Streamlining our account request process means we are less reliant on manual paper-based work. We achieved our goal of having an electronic, online account request process.”

Natalie Metzger, Middleware Developer, Old Dominion University

Bonita platform for the education sector

Attract and keep the right students, and provide the best support for their education from application, admission and enrollment all the way through to graduation.

Find and manage sources of private and public funding, manage departmental and overall budgets.

Optimize internal administrative and technical processes so they operate smoothly across departments.

Improve communication throughout research departments and stop wasting valuable research expertise on administrative tasks.

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The time to process grant invoices was significantly reduced, saving the school a large amount of money by greatly increasing staff efficiency

Complex payroll calculations were completely automated, reducing the amount of time required to fill out forms and eliminating the need to walk paper forms around the campus


One of the world’s leading research and teaching institutions’ grant invoicing and payment allocation process

Grant administrators and payroll staff use efficient process-based applications processes combined with complex calculations to determine research faculty salary to include grant funds from multiple research projects

End users are busy faculty members, who insist on a tool that is intuitive and easy to use. 
More than 200 faculty and an additional 300 staff use Bonita for their grant invoicing process.


Success stories in the education sector

From 3 Days to 1: account request processes now run 3 times faster

Digital transformation for a better education

Efficient processes for more than 10,000 students and 1,000 staff

What Bonita can do for the education sector

Student management

  • Recruitment programs
  • Application, admission and enrollment
  • Management of student educational paths

Academic management

  • Course offerings

Research funding and results

  • Grant applications and funding
  • Publications
  • Intellectual property and patents
  • Procurement

IT support and logistics

  • Receive issues and route to proper support level
  • Manage IT incidents 




  • Private and public funding management


  • Regional and program accreditation guidelines and rules compliance

Human resources

  • Faculty recruitment
  • Employee onboarding
  • Leave management
  • Sabbaticals management 

End-to-end administrative processes

  • Departmental and overall budgeting
  • Procurement