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August 26, 2021
5:30 pm EDT (New York) - 8:30am PDT (San Francisco)
TechChat #2: REST API Extensions, when and how to use them?

Education: Teach your processes to be smart

[E-BOOK] Education: Teach your processes to be smart

  • Too many uncoordinated tasks resulting in errors and frequent student complaints?
  • Registration process involving a lot of manual, paper-based tasks for the students and staff?
  • Stand-alone legacy systems that could use a centralized online platform for a better student experience?

How did universities like Old Dominion, Queensland and Paris-Dauphine overcome those issues? What are the results? Download this e-book to find out.

We think about students as customers. They have huge expectations and don’t want to have to go to different systems to get access to various kinds of service requests.

Richard Rerrie, Senior IT Manager, University of Queensland

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