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Hotela is a Swiss insurance company providing services such as survivors insurance, pension funds, home nursing insurance, accident insurance and family allowances, as well as a full range of integrated personnel management services. Hotela's original customers were the hospitality market. Today Hotela provides services to employees of Swiss ski schools, travel agencies and socio-medical institutions (EMS).

Business Needs and the Process to be Automated.

Hotela wanted to improve the customer relationship by setting up a new organization to improve monitoring of its 100,000 policy holders through 4000 corporate clients throughout Switzerland.

In the old system, the customer was given different contacts at different times, according to the type of request file (illness, unemployment, accident, etc) , making individual client monitoring difficult.

Hotel used Bonita  to model the new organization after the Swiss social security system's five areas: retirement, survivor and disability benefits; insurance coverage; compensation for loss of earnings in case of accident or maternity; unemployment benefits, and family allowances.

The new structure refocused on the customer experience rather than on the internal organization of the company. A new business has been built around this concept, to match the different types of client requests and improve the customer's experience throughout the interaction with Hotela.


Key results of the projects.

The project took place in two major steps. First, all types of customer "events" were identified, totalling seventeen: entry / closure for each employee; illness, accident, death, etc. In parallel, 200 employees were coordinated around this new concept of client event.

Then, a new organization called "Event Management" was established with the creation of two tools. The first is an extranet for customers, based on the seventeen life events. All forms based on the type of insurance were removed to be replaced by new ones, based only on concepts related to these life events.

With this new approach, Hotela greatly simplified its organization and minimized the information required from each customer.

The second tool is used internally to ensure the management and coordination of events. Monitoring can take up to two or three years, so it is essential to have an overview of the client's history.

Today, when a client accesses an extranet, a new event is created and it is then followed with the internal tool.

This new strategy will soon be deployed for all clients and the company stresses its already promising results. For example, Hotela has seen the volume of documents reduced by 30% and the time spent on client administrative management reduced from 30 to 60%, with a 300% increase in the effectiveness of the current team.


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"We are very pleased to have made Bonita the backbone of our current and future organization. Apart from its very affordable price, we chose Bonita for functional coverage and integration flexibility. We were reassured by the maturity of this product and its proven technology, because there was no room for error in our critical project."

Gilbert Caillet-Bois, Hotela CIO.