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August 26, 2021
5:30 pm EDT (New York) - 8:30am PDT (San Francisco)
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Comprehensive claims management with Bonita



Multiasistencia is a Spanish multinational company specialising in the management and repair of claims for the home, businesses and communities for insurance companies, an activity in which it is the leader today in the countries in which it operates. It also provides services in the home for utilities (installing, checking and maintaining, etc.) and offers value-added solutions through loyalty programs based on services that complement products in the insurance, banking and utilities sectors, among others.


Multiasistencia used Bonita to make their processes visible and easily adaptable, and to better organize how they develop new products.

Multiasistencia needed to:

  • Break silos and integrate product development across business lines
  • Be able to develop products that are easily adaptable to the different cases of insurers, including unique interfaces for each client 


There was not much visibility of the business processes. There were some isolated service silos that they were unable to coordinate or organize, making it difficult to customize the different types of cases that insurance companies have. 

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Luis Morcuende, manager of software development and innovation, talks about digital transformation with Bonita.

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  • Processes are now visible to the company's business personnel.
  • Products can be created faster, without depending on internal code development.
  • It is much easier to present client-requested products and projects from different businesses.


SoftTD@, based in Madrid, is a technology company that specializes in providing digital solutions and value added services for Digital Transformation of enterprises (Banking, Insurance, Industry, Telecommunications, Media and Utilities) and public administration. SoftTD@ has broad experience in the development of software adapted to the needs of customers, consulting, development, implementation of solutions, systems integration, outsourcing and sale of hardware products. SoftTD@ has successful references in the insurance sector, among others.

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Discover how Multiasistencia - with the support of our partner Continex to implement Bonita - managed to reduced its average operating time by 23% .
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Thanks to the BPM solution, Multiasistencia has been able to open up two major strategic avenues within the business because digitization has allowed them to shift from having isolated value-added services to more complex processes that bring continuity to the business.


"It is important to have a partner like SoftTD@ to help Multiasistencia to have a wider vision of the business and the process. Working only with an internal team can limit strategic vision and product evolution."

Luis Morcuende, Manager of software development and innovation, Multiasistencia

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"Thanks to the implementation and use of Bonita in the management of business processes, it has been possible to promote digitization as one of the axes of the business strategy. We have added value now that we are not working with isolated services. We have more complex processes that give continuity to the business."

Luis Morcuende, Manager of software development and innovation, Multiasistencia