Front Office Management and Loan Recovery Processes with Bonita



TREBI was established in Milan in 1980. Over the years the company has reachedmany milestones that have allowed it to be a market leader in Italy.

TREBI specializes in providing information systems for the management of Leasing contracts and financial services within the banking and financial sectors. TREBI provides innovative solutions for financial products via integrated support through advanced IT products using a combination of integrated information systems and up to date information management
tools for financial companies, banks and Leasing companies.

The projects

TREBI uses the Bonita platform for two projects. The first for the management of the front office of a leasing company and the second for the recovery of loans for an international leasing company

The value of using Bonita


"The use of Bonita has opened up new markets. We managed to automate development, what we can call "a software mechanization" and that's what the market is looking for."

Nicolas Bruno - CEO of TREBI


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"We have really improved the efficiency of our developments because Bonita offers tools that we can appropriate and modify"

Nicolas Bruno - CEO of TREBI