Manufacturing companies are looking for continued growth opportunities while still maintaining control over costs. Better interoperability among systems, people and equipment helps improve operational agility.

“Our process for creating new products is complex, involving many business units. The Bonita BPM platform is very reliable and easy to use, it has enabled us to greatly increase efficiency and productivity.”

Olivier Clos, CIO Dorel Juvenile Europe

To maintain competitive edge, the manufacturing sector looks to both innovation and improved efficiency.

Don’t be dragged down by redundancies in systems and processes, with a system too slow to permit rapid innovation. Better manage supply chain, product life cycle, operations, and sales and ordering.

Remain compliant with continuing changes in the legal and regulatory frameworks as you can react quickly. Monitor and react to issues before they become critical.

Why BPM?

Bonita BPM offers an application platform with powerful workflow capabilities, tooling, data management and integration capabilities to build easy-to-use, web-based portals and dashboards for customers & employees. Applications can simplify the value chain, eliminate redundancy in systems and processes, enable flexibility to improve performance in the face of changing environments and compliance with laws and regulations.


Dorel Juvenile Europe: Faster time to market with Bonita BPM

  • Bonita BPM platform has been successfully deployed across the enterprise at the European level despite the complexity of the process, given the large number of relevant departments
  • Decision making is easier with dashboards, and they provide a better view of bottlenecks and the time needed for each part of the process
  • With the success of this process, the company is now developing new business processes. A purchasing process application has been put in place quickly, and will be joined shortly by a business travel request process

AREVA deploys Bonita BPM solution for next-gen nuclear plant projects

  • Tracking engineering changes in real-time during the various project phases
  • Eight applications deployed, now used by hundreds of people to handle 400-500 simultaneous edits per year
  • Better processing change time
  • Real-time monitoring by all stakeholders of any changes
  • Applications can handle change processes that can take up to a year to complete
  • Solution enables paperless processes that were previously performed manually with paper

Success stories

Optimized Contract Management with BPM

16 processes in 5 languages across 8 countries

Optimization of the product-to-market process

And more...

Supply chain management

  • Inventory management
  • Requests automation
  • Mobile developments

Quality Assurance

  • Group Quality System for optimising business process between and within organisational departments across the group. Main objectives: to secure handovers, reduce lead times, facilitate collaboration and increase overall productivity

Product management

  • New product development
  • Product lifecycle
  • Go-to-market processes


Documents management

  • Move paper workload to paperless


  • All quotations made by sales force done via Bonita BPM applications for easy and quick validation by sales management
  • Order entry streamlining
  • Order fulfillment acceleration

End-to-end corporate processes

  • Employee onboarding
  • Leave management
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Supply chain
  • Procurement & purchasing