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Bonita & better government for everyone!

December 15, 2020

Bonita supports government applications and digital process automation at every level

Government agencies are looking to business process managment for process automation and better integration across departments to improve public access to and satisfaction with public services. Simply put, government at all levels can provide better public service by offering more services online:

  • Information & events
  • Request management
  • Public finance
  • Public services

Digital process automation also simplifies day-to-day work for agency staff, through optimization and automation of their internal processes. As an government and public agencies are particularly sensitive to oversight, shifting to digital also facilitates audit of critical processes and speeds changes needed to upgrade processes to meet new legislative guidelines.

The CAFAT example

CAFAT is a French public agency that provides a nice example! CAFAT is responsible for collecting employment taxes for and managing dispersement of unemployment insurance and other benefits. Using Bonita, they have begun to transform and digitize thier processes to improve client services, and move paper-heavy exchanges with their 260,000 beneficiaries, 24,000 independent workers and 13,000 employers online.

Like many public agencies, CAFAT relies on information systems that have been in place for a long time, and they don't have the option to upgrade or replace those systems. One of the key reasons for their choice for Bonita was to ease a IT modernization effort. By moving their processes to the Bonita platform, they have been able to modernize both their user experience and the sytems that support it.

By choosing the Bonitasoft platform, we have also chosen a continuous improvement process through BPM. We were able to keep our business data in our own databases (Posgres and DB2) and continue to rely on Java for the development of new services, as well as on the Angular graphic layer for interface development. These choices allow us to continue modernizing our IS with a certain autonomy and flexibility, while taking into account the constraints linked to our many legacy systems.

Recently, in order to respond to new national measures to allow some companies to defer employment contributions in the face of the Covid-19 health crisis, the CAFAT IT team used Bonita to launch a brand-new new process for deferral requests. 1,000 requests have been registered to date.

CAFAT is on its way, making life smoother and easier for its users and its employees.

Ultimately, our goal is to build a one-stop shop that will allow all our contributors to benefit from automatic and online processing of all services.

More information on CAFAT

You can find the complete CAFAT success story here. We also have an infographic summarizing the use of Bonita in the public sector.

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