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Intelligent Continuous Improvement and Bonita Continuous Delivery launched with Bonita 7.7 release

07 Jun 2018 - Mickey Farrance

Bonita 7.7 release reinforces its solid foundation for the enterprise Digital Business Platform

Two major advances offer a step up in capability to adapt and transform business applications rapidly, applying Artificial Intelligence innovation and leveraging full DevOps support

Bonitasoft introduces Bonita 7.7 with Intelligent Continuous Improvement (ICI) and Bonita Continuous Delivery (BCD). These innovations reinforce Bonita’s position as an integral foundation for a comprehensive enterprise digital business platform upon which to build and run complex, advanced, adaptable Living Applications.

The ability to deliver changes quickly is key to innovation and continuous improvement. Bonitasoft now offers two specific major advances to adapt and deliver business application changes rapidly and efficiently: ICI 1.0 and BCD 2.0.

ICI: An innovative application of process mining to support human decision-making

Now available with the release of Bonita 7.7, ICI uses a unique process mining approach to machine learning which assists managers in making key decisions to avoid possible process bottlenecks. Unlike the more common data mining approaches which focus on business data, or traditional process mining approaches which focus on process “discovery” and conformance checking, ICI uses a new, innovative process mining extension on any existing business process, using both previous and real-time data to predict potential blockages and flag them so process managers can then take action to prevent delays.

“Good information leads to better decisions,” said Miguel Valdes Faura, Bonitasoft CEO and co-founder. “Using AI to enhance human decision making gives users more control to optimize processes, as well as providing good data on which to base decisions to change inefficiencies in processes overall.”

In addition to real-time predictions, ICI also offers historical data exposure to build comprehensive reports and dashboards for Business Activity Monitoring. Analysis of process data is also useful for potential process design improvements, leading to continuous improvement that can be provided by the DevOps team with the other new Bonita offer, BCD.

BCD: Enabling DevOps to deliver their own fast and efficient innovations

For the past three years, Bonitasoft has focused on how to best serve DevOps teams to enable their rapid innovation. Today, Bonita 7.7’s BCD permits rapid iterative experimentation and continuous improvement in development, applying best-of-breed technologies such as GIT and Jenkins to support development collaboration and accelerate continuous integration. On the operations side, Bonita 7.7 with BCD Includes tools and frameworks to accelerate continuous deployment, onsite or in the cloud. Bonita’s technology partnerships with Amazon’s AWS, the use of Docker containers, and other technologies such as Ansible enable continuous deployment through automated configuration management and provisioning.

Winner of a Bronze Stevie® in May 2018 from the American Business Awards, BCD was cited by one ABA judge as “an excellent tool for deploying incremental improvements to enterprise applications. Incremental changes can be tested and validated much more easily compared to fat changes. Overall, this approach tends to reduce the risk of a bad change being deployed to production.”

Bonita 7.7 with BCD now fully supports critical collaboration capability between the Development and Operations teams so innovations can be delivered smoothly as often as desired. It also features many new capabilities and improvements for building business applications, including control of access to Business Data, advanced form save features, and application artefacts comparison for easier change review.

“We’ve been working towards this release for a long time now, starting with the multi-layer architecture of Bonita 7.0 to allow independent, collaborative development of processes, user interfaces, and data,” said Valdes Faura. “Our BPM ‘DNA’ enables model-driven development. The UI design layer permits highly customized user interfaces by designers with different approaches.  We have given developers many extension points and frameworks for application customization. With this release we have added and improved essential tools for agile development and continuous delivery of complex, custom applications. As Bonitasoft enters its tenth year, we’re now truly delivering a fundamental component for a full enterprise digital business platform.”

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