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The Future of DevOps: Predictions for 2019

23 Oct 2018 - Mickey Farrance

Joyce Wells at Database Trends and Applications interviewed leading IT executives who offer their DevOps predictions for 2019

A dozen  leading IT executives - from Oracle, Percona, SolarWinds, Hewlett-Packard, Bonitasoft, CA Veracode, BMC Software, Red Hat, Redgate, HackerRank and DigitalOcean - offer their DevOps predictions for 2019

As AI use increases, data science teams will adopt DevOps best practices — Justin Charness, principal product manager, machine learning, Oracle

DevOps will focus more on integration at the edge between services  — Peter Zaitsev, co-founder and CEO, Percona

There will be a deepened focus on functions — Keith Kuchler, VP of engineering for SolarWinds Cloud

Automation remains key — Said Syed, director of HPE UX Design and Developer Productivity, HPE Chief Design Office

Experimentation with continuous delivery approaches will expand —  Miguel Valdes Faura, CEO and co-founder, and Charles Souillard, CTO, COO, and co-founder, Bonitasoft

DevOps will play a pivotal role as the enabler of seamless security integration — Mark Curphey, vice president of strategy, CA Veracode

Adding jobs-as-code to the software delivery lifecycle will avoid the Dev-to-Ops speed-bump — Tim Eusterman, senior director, solutions marketing, BMC Software

The DevOps of the future will be quite different — Brad Micklea, senior director and lead, Developer Business Unit, Red Hat

2019 will see businesses turning to compliant database DevOps, thanks to two factors — Simon Galbraith, CEO of Redgate Software

Containers will make an impact on CI/CD — Jawahar Malhotra, senior vice president of engineering, HackerRank

Container orchestration software will replace many of the functions of DevOps — Dave Smith, VP of engineering, DigitalOcean

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