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Process Application Platforms 2018: Bonitasoft

05 Nov 2018 - Mickey Farrance

This report assesses the capabilities of Bonitasoft’s Process Application Platform, and also examines the partners and intellectual property that Bonitasoft can offer customers exploring associated technology implementations.

MWD Advisors has just released its 2018 assessment of Bonita as a Process Application Platform.

Here's a brief summary:

With recent product releases, Bonitasoft has made two important shifts.

Firstly, by introducing a Business Data Model capability and a sophisticated UI Designer, it’s shifted to offering a broad process application development platform (the renaming of its product to simply ‘Bonita’ emphasises this).

Secondly, rather than focusing solely on ‘citizen developers’ wanting to build simple things quickly, it’s deliberately addressing more complicated use cases that need work from multi-disciplinary design and professional development teams. Support for team working and rapid application change management have been significantly boosted recently.

One of the biggest strengths of Bonita is the extent to which teams can customise and change application behaviour layer-by-layer: the use of ‘contracts’ and REST APIs as core ensures a clean separation between user interface, core logic and data management/integration logic. The platform’s process monitoring and optimisation capabilities have also seen a recent boost.

Download the full report by MWD Advisors here.