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JEMS Group

Created in 2002 by Eléna Gihan, JEMS is THE information systems firm, founded on solid human values for its clients and consultants. JEMS group is a leader in enterprise data driven digital transformation.

Business is undergoing a revolution to break the silos of traditional organization, to invent a new model adapted to new uses, take advantage of new tools, take the teams to a level of historical success.

We are experiencing an industrial revolution thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cloud, Augmented Reality, 3D printing, fast networks, and more. With some 500 Data Engineers, Data Scientists, front end developers, UX / UI developers, bilingual trainers, and agile coaches, JEMS works for the CAC 40, in all areas (Finance, Industry, Energy, Retail, Luxury, Automotive, Agriculture) , Health and more).

What the JEMS Group offers

To meet your expectations, JEMS works in 4 Dimensions:

  • Design Thinking: ideation to innovate or unblock  
  • Data: Big Data for design of a data lake, for optimization of processes (predictive maintenance), the 360 ° vision of the client in marketing, the detection of "risks and frauds", and IoT and Blockchain applications
  • Digital: Development of complex web sites, mobile apps, UX / UI
  • DevOps: an agile method that impregnates teams to deliver seamlessly to users in a Start Up culture

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