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April 20, 2021
9:00 am CEST
Bonita Camp Online - English (Training, Europe)

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Exablack, Bonitasoft partner in Brazil


Discover more about Horus, a Bonitasoft partner in Poland

IIC Technologies

Bonitasoft partner, IIC Technologies provides geospatial engineering solutions to...


Bonitasoft partner, INNTEC uses Bonita BPM for faster development of e-services forms, in...

Intelligent Pathways

Intelligent Pathways is a digital business enablement expert providing services around process...


JEMS group, a Bonitasoft partner, is a leader in  enterprise data driven&...


Bonitasoft partner Keinavo is a consultancy firm that provides Business Intelligence and...

Konsultex Informatica

Konsultex, Bonitasoft partner in Brazil and Argentina

MGT Conseils

MGT Conseils is a consulting and training firm specializing in Business Performance...

Minsait - Indra

Minsait - Indra, a Bonitasoft partner in Spain and Latin America 

NSI Soluciones

NSI Soluciones, Bonitasoft partner in Panama

Oceane consulting Data Management

Bonitasoft partner Oceane Consulting Data Management provides a comprehensive practical...