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Operational efficiency: it’s more than just automation!

Operational efficiency: it’s more than just automation!
January 22, 2024

Process Intelligence offers data to drive your business process decisions

Have you automated your business processes? How are they performing? 

Business process automation moves your processes into the digital realm. If you’ve already automated processes using a business process management platform, then you’ve made the first move to process optimization. But automating a process that’s already inefficient just makes an inefficient process…faster. Optimization also means finding and eliminating bottlenecks, blockages, and other issues in and around the process. 

The very first steps in reducing inefficiencies are often taken during the process modeling on a BPM-based process automation platform. And then - when the process is fully modeled, integrated with your other business software and systems, and deployed to production - that’s the time to look deep into the data that automated processes produce and see what information about process inefficiency that data can reveal. 

Bonitasoft has just released Bonita Process Insights, a new Bonita product, based on Process Intelligence, and designed to help process owners improve operational efficiency by providing visibility into all processes automated with the Bonita process automation platform. This is the key capability to ensure that the implementation of process automation delivers on its promise of operational efficiency.

Business users can employ Bonita Process Insights to directly access aggregated information, analyze process data, and track alignment with objectives. Bonita Process Insights works with both Bonita Community and Bonita Enterprise editions.


What’s in Bonita Process Insights?

Out-of-the-box dashboards display pre-defined default data in tables and graphs. Keep an eye on critical metrics like cycle time, deviations from the ideal “happy path,” failed workflows, and goals.  


Process Overview and Process Compare dashboards


  • The Process Overview dashboard provides a global view to define objectives and goals like SLAs, and track progress over time. Get a global view of any process automated with Bonita. Use this dashboard to understand what is happening inside processes, and track their progress against defined objectives. Spot inefficiencies, and explore the data presented to see where improvements could be made.
  • The Compare Processes dashboard compares different versions of one process. Use this information as a starting point to diagnose inefficiencies or show proof of improvement. For example, you can compare the behavior of a process between two different time periods, or with two different managers, or between two different versions of the same process to monitor if the improvements implemented are showing better results - or not.
  • The interfaces and visualization tools in Bonita Process Insights help promote widespread adoption across the organization. Business analysts, process owners, and other business-oriented team members can see and then act on information from their processes (cycle time, actors, teams). 
  • The data displayed is taken from inside processes, tasks, and activities, and flows to show where there are deviations from expected performance. Process data is obtained with powerful and robust analytical and display capabilities.


Drive automation aligned with business goals

  • Define the target objectives, performance targets, SLAs, etc you want to track using the Bonita Process Insights dashboard.
  • Then monitor deviations from these targets.
  • Use Bonita Process Insights tracking to foster a global approach to process automation based on objectives and results.
  • Design new processes with embedded Bonita Process Insights - start with performance improvement in mind.

Be prepared for continuous improvement

Bonita Process Insights can foster a continuous improvement mindset across an organization!

Information based on data from Bonita Process Insights is what the whole business team needs to make informed, data-driven decisions about where and how to target changes to streamline, optimize, and continuously improve processes. 

  • Bonita Process Insights dashboards show visually what is working, and what is not working, based on data.
  • Clearly identify blockages, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies in all Bonita applications and processes.

Achieving peak operational efficiency and optimal performance of business processes gets a jump start with process automation, and is fed with continuous improvement. With the Bonita process automation platform coupled with Bonita Process Insights, business has a powerful set of tools at its fingertips.


Bonitasoft reaffirms its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, providing development teams with powerful tools to accelerate application development, and business users with actionable data to support process optimization.

Here are 3 ways to learn more:

  1. Build highly personalized, process-based applications today, for free, with our open-source Bonita Community Edition.
  2. See how you can reinvent your business processes with BPM.  Watch our on-demand Bonita Platform Demo.
  3. Interested in full project lifecycle support and services from development to operations? Try unlocking the power of Bonita Enterprise Edition.  Contact us today or explore our solutions to learn more about unlocking the full potential of process automation.


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