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Process Intelligence is key to process automation. Here’s why.

Process Intelligence is key to process automation. Here’s why.
March 27, 2024

Process Intelligence: the key to process automation

Process intelligence is essential for the best possible results of process automation. When a team automates business processes, the business and technical members both want to get accurate, in-depth knowledge of how those processes are working so they can focus on continuous improvements that will lead to more efficient operations, reduced costs, and improved overall performance. 

As organizations increasingly lean on automation to streamline business operations, the value of process intelligence skyrockets. This article looks at process intelligence and how it helps make process automation more effective.

What is process intelligence?

Process Intelligence is the collection of data about business processes that process owners, data analysts, and others can use to understand what is happening inside those processes. When processes are automated on a BPM platform, the end-to-end actions by humans, systems, and even robots generate internal process data each time an instance of the process is run. The information gathered on these collections of process instances that can be used to spot trends, identify bottlenecks, and find opportunities for improvement. The use of Process Intelligence data can provide insights into how processes are performed with real world resources and how they contribute to overall business performance. These insights in turn give process owners and the technical team ideas on how their processes can be optimized through continuous improvement.

How process intelligence completes the value of process automation

Let’s get specific about how process intelligence is key to process automation.

Get deeper visibility on what is happening in processes

Process Intelligence offers visibility that leads to better understanding of processes. Once a business process is automated, a deep understanding of the end-to-end process, including steps, variations, and exceptions, can offer information about how things are working now, and give clues about where they might work better.

Optimize processes for improved efficiency

The application of process intelligence supports process optimization. Process intelligence helps identify inefficiencies, waste, and bottlenecks that can be streamlined. 

Target process improvements

Process improvement is guided by process intelligence. By analyzing process performance and bottlenecks, organizations can prioritize which processes or parts of processes will benefit most from improvement efforts. This targeted approach helps ensure where improvements will yield the highest return on investment.

Improve continuously

And of course this applies to continuous improvement also. Process intelligence allows constant monitoring and analysis of automated processes. This data can be useful for fine-tuning processes, keeping them maximally efficient and aligned with changing business needs.

Assure governance and mitigate risk

Process Intelligence can strengthen compliance and risk management. Process intelligence tools can monitor compliance with internal policies and external regulations. By identifying deviations in real-time, organizations can mitigate risks before they become issues.

Fostering collaboration between IT and business

Collaboration works better. Insights gained from process intelligence can foster better collaboration between IT and business units. Understanding process details and performance metrics helps in designing automation solutions that are more closely aligned with business objectives.

Bonita Process Insights unlocks the power of business process data

Bonita Process Insights is a Bonitasoft tool for leveraging process data for performance optimization. Use it to harness the full potential of process data and drive advancements in productivity, cost efficiency, and strategic flexibility. The integration of process automation and process intelligence is a necessity for any business to achieve optimal performance, reduce costs, and maintain a competitive edge.



Process automation and process intelligence together deliver on the promise of automation. This combination is needed to ensure that business process automation is both effective and efficient, that automation will lead to significant improvements in productivity, cost savings, and strategic agility. This synergy enables businesses to not only automate their operations but also to continually refine and improve their automated processes for optimal performance. 

The journey towards effective process automation is completed with the insights provided by process intelligence. As businesses navigate the complexities of the modern market, the integration of these two elements offers a useful path to business success.



Bonitasoft reaffirms its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement, providing development teams with powerful tools to accelerate application development, and business users with actionable data to support process optimization.  Contact us today if you want to know more about Bonita Process Insights.


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