"Ease to develop and good choice of enhancements between releases"



Indra is one of the leading global consulting and technology companies in Spain & LATAM.

It has a comprehensive range of proprietary solutions and advanced services with high added value in technology, which combines with a unique culture of reliability, flexibility and adaptation to the needs of its customers.

Indra is a world leader in the development of integral technological solutions in fields such as Defense and Security; Transportation and Traffic; Energy and Industry; Telecommunications and Media; Financial services; Electoral Processes; and Public Administrations and Health. Through its Minsait unit, Indra responds to the challenges posed by digital transformation.

Bonita deployment scope

"Bonita is being used by the credit analysis departments, regarding credit card authorizations, car credits, and so on. The application in which Bonita is involved, aims to address automatization, control and traceability of credit factory processes, where too many different skilled people work. These kind of applications allows managing staff keep control of what and how their core processes are being executed."

Alberto Alvarez Besada
Digital Channel Manager - Indra


Bonita strength and ROI

  • Ease of integration modularity
  • Building up workflow from design
  • Traceability logs, in order to allow audit processes


"Our first project involving Bonita achieved 83% of its initial revenue objectives. Our client, using Bonita, managed to achieve their monthly goals by using the application. It was necessary to duplicate the initial hardware requirements in order to get the minimal performance the client needed during peak activity."

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"Bonita is especially well suited for applications or environments where performance and ease of changes are the main technical priorities.""

Alberto Alvarez Besada
Digital Channel Manager - Indra