• Agile development

    Work with Bonitasoft Professional Services to develop and deliver your automation project efficiently and successfully.

    Want to know more about how agile development with Bonitasoft's Professional Services team and partners can contribute to your success?


  • Agile development
  • What agile development means for you
  • What agile development means for you


    • Fast delivery of business value: together we prioritize your needs and deliver incrementally, to deliver the features with the most value first.
    • Reduced risk: structured approach via sprints means delivery on a regular rhythm.
    • Adapting to change: adaptation over time as requirements are refined.
  • What to expect when developing with Bonitasoft Professional Services

    We'll follow the agile Scrum methodology, validated with our many successful projects with our clients and partners over more than a decade of experience.

    This approach has been implemented by Bonitasoft R&D in the development of the Bonita product itself since day one, so it is well-understood and mastered by all our technical teams.

    "Sprint Zero"

    • Review and share working methods
    • Define roles and responsibilities
    • Set up development environments and communication tools
    • Set up continuous integration
    • Define acceptance criteria
    • Define "regular sprints"
    • Develop initial user stories to get the team started

    Regular sprints

    • Detailed technical design
    • Development + unit tests
    • Deployment on the appropriate environment
    • Verification of acceptance criteria / integration tests
    • Preparation of a demo, to generate comments and input for the next sprint
  • Scrum Methodology