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The new version of Bonita is here!

The new version of Bonita is here!
June 25, 2024

We understand how business process management contributes critically to business success. Now with over 15 years of experience in process automation, we are proud to announce the availability of the latest version of the Bonita process automation platform

Combined with the last several releases of product improvements, this latest version aligns with our commitment to flexibility, better management, and tangible results with innovative BPM solutions.

Providing excellent business process automation with Bonita is in line with our strategic pivot towards an adaptive BPM approach. This means you can evolve your business processes dynamically, ensuring agility without sacrificing process, application, or platform integrity.

We've laid the groundwork for the next generation of BPM by offering a more agile, iterative approach that reduces your time to value. By moving away from outdated, heavy architectures, Bonita offers a contemporary, DevOps-friendly BPM platform for process automation.

What’s new in Bonita?

This new version of Bonita comes with several enhancements designed to improve the developer’s experience with creating process-based automation projects. Bonita is built by developers for developers who mean business!

Included is a new second-level cache system. This brings significant reductions in database access, and a boost in overall platform performance when running Bonita within a cluster environment. According to performance tests, this new cache system shows improved read access, so processes run smoother and faster.

Benefits of the second level cache system:

  • Users searching for data get more accurate answers more quickly with improved caching and better search capabilities.
  • Improved caching also results in faster performance as read operations are more rapid.
  • With heavy loads (high number of concurrent users, high number of concurrent cases) there is less stress on the database with fewer queries reaching into the database and fewer requests needed to find the right information.

This release also has an update to Java 17, which brings security updates, performance improvements and language enhancements.

  • Stay ahead of potential threats with the security patches and updates, safeguarding workflows and data.
  • Experience a boost in performance ensuring operations run efficiently.
  • Java 17 introduces new language features and enhancements, such as Sealed Classes.

And for the end-users of Bonita-automated business applications:

  • For better search results on all APIs and application pages, the new search engine algorithm supports “like-based” search. It returns results in a few seconds, finding all matching records for a given search string anywhere in a phrase or a word, in all APIs and the Bonita pages included by default on Bonita User Application, Bonita Administrator and Super Administrator Applications.


Bonitasoft maintains its commitment to results with innovative BPM solutions: Bonita Access

As the Bonita Community edition is no longer available as downloadable binaries, Bonitasoft is extending a new offer: Bonita Access, which includes features from the full Bonita Enterprise edition (now called Bonita Scale) to meet the requirements of projects seeking a more accessible solution without compromising on quality.

The Bonita Access edition ensures the sustainability of your automation projects with a clear contract, contains access to Bonitasoft technical support, and includes all Bonita version updates.



With Bonita Process Automation and Bonita Process Insights, you’ve got what you need for efficient process automation and the process data that will help you continually innovate, optimize, and improve your business processes and the applications that support them.


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