• Transform your business processes with Bonita 2024.1: your partner in Process Excellence

    At Bonitasoft, we understand how business process management contributes critically to business success. With over 15 years of focus on process automation, we're proud to launch Bonita 2024.1. Combined with our last 2 releases of product improvements, this latest release reflects our dedication to flexibility, better management, and real results with innovative BPM solutions.


  • Why choose Bonita?

    Embrace the adaptive BPM approach

    As we apply continuous innovation, Bonita 2024.1 represents a strategic pivot towards an Adaptive BPM approach. This means you can evolve your processes dynamically, ensuring agility without sacrificing process, application, or platform integrity.

    Architectural Transformation

    We've laid the groundwork for the next generation of BPM by offering a more agile, iterative approach that reduces your time to value. Moving away from outdated, heavy architectures, Bonita 2024.1 is a contemporary, DevOps-friendly BPM platform. This includes:

    • Self-Contained Application (SCA) architecture: Bonita Self-Contained Applications are meant for agility, to ensure rapid deployment and seamless updates, so you can adapt quickly to market shifts and internal demands.
    • DevOps practices integration: Apply DevOps principles and foster a culture of continuous improvement with streamlined Bonita process and application management.


  • Why choose Bonita?

Key Advantages of Bonita 2024.1

    • For business teams

      • Faster time-to-market: Respond to market changes swiftly with streamlined deployment processes.
      • Cost efficiency: Reduce operational expenses through simplified maintenance and deployment.
      • Enhanced user experience: Deliver stable and smooth user interactions, essential for maintaining customer satisfaction.
      • Reliability and flexibility: Your suite of well-coordinated processes can be quickly adjusted to changes in the market or within your company.
      • Business alignment: Quick Self-Contained Applications updates foster better strategy alignment, enhancing business agility.


    • For business teams
    • For IT teams

      • Simplified management: Benefit from an architecture that eases deployment and maintenance.
      • Consistent environments: Minimize bugs with uniform development, staging, and production environments.
      • Enhanced security: The Self-Contained Applications approach reduces exposure to external vulnerabilities.
      • Enhanced portability and efficiency: Get smooth transitions between platforms while maximizing resource efficiency.
      • Full lifecycle management: You have extensive oversight across all layers, from the operating system to the application, for better control and management.

    • For IT teams
  • Your success, our commitment
  • Your success, our commitment

    Bonitasoft is dedicated to providing affordable and scalable solutions. With Bonita 2024.1, we continue to challenge conventional pricing models, making advanced BPM solutions more accessible. Our adaptive pricing model allows businesses to start small and scale as needed, democratizing access to top-tier BPM tools.

Introducing new features in Bonita 2024.1

    • Turbocharged performance

      Experience unparalleled efficiency with Bonita 2024.1, featuring a cutting-edge cache system powered by Hazelcast. Dramatically reduce database access times, accelerate process execution, and achieve smoother, faster operations throughout your platform.

    • Turbocharged performance
    • Uncompromised security and enhanced debugging
    • Uncompromised security and enhanced debugging

      Elevate your security with Bonita 2024.1's transition to Java 17, bringing performance improvements, language enhancements, and critical security updates. Safeguard your workflows and data and experience more streamlined development processes.

    • Intuitive search

      Our upgraded search mechanism simplifies finding cases, processes, or users, offering a more efficient search across all Bonita components. Find what you are looking for more naturally and easily with Bonita 2024.1.

    •  Intuitive search

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Recognized as a leader in open source Business Process Automation

  • 2019 Intelligent Business Process Management Magic Quadrant

  • 2023 Wave for Digital Process Automation

  • 2021 Wave for Digital Process Automation

  • 2023 Spark Matrix for DPA Software

  • More about Bonita 2024.1

  • Bonita 2024.1 is a fully open and extensible application platform


    • Based on the BPMN 2.0 standard (Business Process Management Notation).
    • Coding tools and frameworks for developers to extend the platform and customize applications.
    • Open code and connector technologies to integrate with just about everything.
    • UI Designer to create digitally accessible user interfaces.
    • Bonita Central for central supervision, administration, and monitoring of all applications, each with their own runtime. Use Bonita Central to monitor independent applications in different Bonita versions with unified monitoring capabilities.


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