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A satisfying buying experience for customers is at the heart of successful retail sales - and consumers are demanding more and better service in the face of rapid technology advancement and fierce competition.

“Beyond the cost savings we have seen on certain services, the most important aspect for us is to offer the best possible experience to our customers, especially through multiple channels, and so keep their loyalty.”

Erik Lamal, Vice President of Information Technology at VOO

Offer a satisfying buying experience for customers - it’s the heart of successful retail sales. Whether initial purchase, return or exchange, use of gift certificates, coupons, special offers, or loyalty rewards - on-line or in-store, the customer experience process should be easy, engaging, and efficient.

Rethink the fundamentals of customer experience management as consumers demand more and better service in the face of rapid technology advancement and fierce competition.


Why Bonita?

Bonita is an application platform with powerful BPM capabilities and tooling to build easy-to-use, web-based user interfaces for the best buying experience across devices. Use it to build user-friendly web-based portals and dashboards too.
Backoffice operations of Bonita applications connect systems (ERP, CRM, databases) and people (sales, suppliers, vendors, etc).

Its powerful integration capabilities make it easy to connect applications with existing CRMs and ERPs. Protect sensitive data against fraud with built-in data management.

The BPM-based process model enables agile implementation to support fast technical and customer-oriented innovation.

One retailer uses Bonita for compensation processes for its gift boxes

  • repayment of the gift service providers such as restaurants, spas, bed-and-breakfast and hotel accommodations, etc
  • expired gift voucher exchange
  • The Bonita application receives gift box voucher information which is then verified by multiple services that have different approvals and actions. In just one year more than 1 million vouchers were processed, with a peak of 200,000 a month during the most active months of the year.

And more...


  • Order & payment processing
  • In-store credit card application processing
  • Financial processes automation

Product management

  • Catalog management
  • Gift certificate and voucher management
  • Supply management and fulfillment


Customer Service

  • Loyalty reward programs
  • Customer refund management
  • After-sales service

End-to-end corporate processes

  • Employee onboarding and training
  • Supplier management
  • Litigations management
  • Store management