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The Ultimate Guide to BPMN2

BPMN 2.0: Business Process Modeling and Notation

If you’ve been putting off learning BPMN under the mistaken assumption that you need to be an expert to use it, or if you find the standard unwieldy and hard to dissect, this revised and updated Ultimate Guide is for you.

With BPMN both the business and technical sides of the organization can share a common language – something that they can both understand and that meets their respective needs for precision and flexibility. This shared language is empowering new ways of working together – and it results in the deployment of new and more flexible applications.

BPMN provides a way to quickly diagram business functions

Use it to draw process flow diagrams.  The visual model will be translated quickly and easily into software that will run the process. With BPMN, business people can define what they want, simply but with a high degree of precision; and IT professionals can communicate with each other and with business people about the model in a clear, common framework. BPMN works for any kind of management, operation and support process. By developing a model with BPMN, you can collaboratively improve communications with decision makers about the nature and health of a process; you can collaboratively initiate improvements – and you can collaboratively move toward automating those improvements.