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- Database schema versioning and migrations made simpler For high speed #CI/#CD: using #Liquibase. via Bonitasoft R&D… - - 🆓 [E-BOOK Manufacturing] Frustrated by lack of traceability and visibility on processes? Want to unify your IT land… - - 3 simple ways to create #connectors for the #Bonita platform: Use connectors to execute read/write operations and “…

CTO Review of "Building Maintainable Software"

04 Aug 2020

My team is currently facing challenges regarding team growth, and software quality is a topic I am confronted with on a regular basis.  Here are my takeaways from the book ...

Be a Bonita Ace!

28 Jul 2020

Bonita developers and support engineers share tips and tricks for using Bonita like an ace

Orchestration of systems and people — the human element of automation

07 Jul 2020

Bonitasoft CEO Miguel Valdes Faura discusses some of the key benefits of using a BPMN engine when it comes to orchestration of interactions involving not only microservices — but any...

Financial services: Automated business processes make life better for everyone!

16 Jun 2020

Superior customer service makes a competitive difference in financial services. Provide well-tailored, user-friendly applications as a key differentiator.

3 essential elements of a low-code app platform

26 May 2020

Three essential aspects of a low-code application platform that professional developers expect to have

Orchestration of microservices, services - humans and robots

18 Feb 2020

This article by Bonitasoft CEO Miguel Valdes Faura discusses microservices architecture in enterprise application development, what orchestration means, and why BPMN orchestration...

Robot workforce evolves from mimicking tasks to taking on jobs

31 Dec 2019

A personalized robot workforce is in the works, thanks to advances in RPA. How should CIOs prepare for the next trend in robotic process automation?

Bonitasoft announces new low-code collaboration tools for digital process automation

10 Dec 2019

Bonita platform offers pre-built examples, one-click deployment for automation projects

Development Made Easy: Low Code Enables Agility and Speed to Market for Application Development and Delivery

03 Dec 2019

The low code market is expected to grow significantly, as explained in this Software Magazine article by Cassandra Balentine

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