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The Bonita business process management platform

Build powerful, process-based business applications - and keep them up-to-date easily.

No matter what you need, there's a version for you

Explore our open source Community Edition - or skip straight to our Subscription Edition for enterprise-grade performance for critical applications.

Choose Community Edition:

  • Build process-based business applications in an open source environment
  • Enjoy community-led support
  • Pay nothing. It's free!
  • Get help & learn from community users
    • Ask questions
    • Access examples & extensions
    • Contribute and report issues

Choose Subscription Edition:

  • Get professional, global support
  • Build applications even faster
    • Advanced UI design capabilities
    • Features for team collaboration
    • Continous integration & testing
    • Advanced connectivity to enterprise systems
  • Customize to your end user needs
    • Full look & feel customization
    • End user interface customization
    • Mobile-ready
  • Build applications that adapt in real time to business changes
    • Perform live updates without interruption
    • Define ad-hoc tasks "on the fly"
  • Scale to meet enterprise demands with
    • Clustering
    • Multi-tenancy
    • Error management
  • Monitor your applications
    • Use dashboards & graphical visualization
    • Create user-defined business reports

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Choose an add-on:

  • Bonita Continuous Delivery
    • Apply agile development with tools and frameworks to accelerate continuous delivery and continuous improvement
    • Continuously integrate with ready-to-use Jenkins jobs
    • Ease the setup of your continuous delivery environment with an Official Docker image
    • Provision and deploy the Bonita platform and Living Applications in less than a minute
    • Deploy on-premise or use PaaS on the cloud with AWS
    • Use the same tools from development through production

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  • Bonita Intelligent Continuous Improvement
    • Support decision-making with information provided by Artificial Intelligence technology 
    • Predict potential process issues in live applications
    • Take informed, appropriate actions to avoid bottlenecks and improve efficiency
    • Detect and highlight potential process improvements
    • Use data in Elasticsearch for high-quality Business Activity Monitoring
    • With innovative AI process mining algorithms

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