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The Many Flavors of “Low-Code”

24 Apr 2019

This article examines the many different flavors of low-code platforms and their importance to best serve professional developers

Model-Driven Low-Code Platform with Open Source BPM Roots

16 Oct 2018

Jason Bloomberg at Intellyx has evaluated Bonita, our low-code, popular open source business process management (BPM) platform.

Low code? Four myths & one truth!...?

27 Mar 2018

This e-book discusses 4 myths and one truth. Check out the e-book from Bonitasoft. 

Bonitasoft gets cute on AWS for low-code BPM

18 Jan 2018

The newly released Bonita 7.6 has been opened to market in line with the AWS deal.

Bonitasoft Offers Open Source, Low-Code Platform on AWS Cloud

17 Jan 2018

Bonitasoft partners with AWS to broaden the reach of the Bonita low-code development platform.

Debunked! 5 myths about “low code” it’s time to let go of

02 May 2017

Low code methodology is sometimes misunderstood. To help others avoid making bad decisions based on myths, Bonitasoft Technical Evangelist Lionel Palacin offers to debunk some of them

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